Walking For The Good Stuff

There are so many good reasons to go for long, fast walks.   The exercise of course being a great motivator for me.  I like to feel my calves getting all ripply.  Ripply with muscle.   THe air, especially on a damp, chill fall evening, it feels so incredibly fresh.   The trees we get to meander through because this bike trail meanders through a good bit of trees on our end of it.  Being with the husband with nothing to do but talk, or listen, or just be.

Walking is great just for the walking of it.

But add a DQ Mini Blizzard to the whole walking deal and you have a full blown treat.   Don’t even think it eradicates the benefits of the walking.  On the contrary.    Knowing there is a DQ Blizzard (or Tim Horton’s treat) at the other end, or half way point of the walk motivates a quicker step and increases the cardio.   Don’t bother arguing.   It’s fact.   If I know there is a DQ Blizzard (or Tim Horton’s treat) it makes me move my arse a lot faster so I can get there, and get it.

And further more if I am getting a mini blizzard by definition it is mini, which means less.  And not to dis DQ (but I am) I have yet in all of the years of eating DQ Blizzards yet gotten one that lives up to the standard and ideal of a true blizzard.  That’s right, first, I’ve never had one handed to me upside down with the spoon stuck in it to show me how thick it is.  Second, it is never chock full of the delectable little treats that is suppose to thicken it.   WHich is likely why I have never experienced the spoon trick.   So whatever calories are minimized by making the blizzard a mini, are even more minimized by the lack of the calorie laden good stuff they are suppose to pack a blizzard with.

So the mini blizzard is good for those who need a treat and want something good.   It is good by design but better for weight consciencer’s by it’s fail to meet that design.

I should write a blog about stuff like this.

So the walk was good.  The good stuff was good but not as bad as it could of been because it wasn’t as good as it should have been.