Another night.  Another walk.  We walked towards campus to meet up with Lady Maggie.  She is royalty in case you don’t know, she owns property in Scotland.  Anyway she wanted to walk to our house.   So we leave the house about 7:45 p.m. It’s dark now.  But I don’t mind.  It’s still a beautiful walk.  Weather is warmish.  The stars were out and stunning.

So we went to meet Lady Maggie.

Once we meet up we turn back for home.   Chattering away.

We enter the woods.

The very dark woods.  On one side is a rumbly little creek.  Just a little rumbly tonight.   Some nights it is more rumbly.   Tonight not so much.  But it was very very dark.   And we were walking and talking.  Though kind of not right together.  I look up ahead and there, against the large trunk of a tree comes a very dark figure walking up from the creek side of the trail.

Talk about five jabillion things going through your head.   Do I move fast to intercept the figure and save the  husband and the Lady, because they haven’t seen him yet?   Do I yell for them to run?  Do I run and tackle the guy?  Do I kick off my sketchers which are great for walking but suck for balance and self defense?   Do I stop and play like a deer hoping he does not see our neon green made with reflector strip jackets?

In that very nano of a nano second I had many choices.

That figure was large and why would he have chosen that moment to step out of the dark and in to our path if he did not have something unpleasant planned?

Because he was a shadow.

That’s why.

As one of us stepped in to the trail and the lights from the road behind us lit up our backs, it also lit up a shadow on that tree.

But shadow or not, I was ready to act.    I probably saved their lives tonight.