Love Thy Neighbor/Or Leave Them Alone

I’m not an “activist” or an anythingist.   But there are some things that really don’t make sense to me.

I’d pretty much like to tell the world to stop the hate.

It is so incredibly simple to me.

Stop the hate.  “Tolerance” does not mean you have to love someone for their differences.  You don’t have to be buddying it up with people you don’t agree with.  Tolerance means you don’t hate them for their differences.

I don’t want someone hating me or judging me as a freak of nature because of how I look, how I praise or who I love.   How can I ask that of the world if I don’t give that same respect?

It just seems so incredibly simple.  Don’t hate.  I’m not saying I understand or agree with everyone’s lifestyle choices.  I don’t.  And I’ve seen some very diverse lifestyles.  To be quite honest, some lifestyle choices bother me.  But I don’t hate anyone for their lifestyle.  The lifestyle choices that “bother” me are the ones that do have some kind of impact on me.  Because some do.  It’s silly even, I don’t hate them for it, but I am bothered by people who live in filth; people who don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom and then I see them later and they expect me to shake their hands; people who have decided to not clean up after themselves and want me to come in and sit in the midst of their mess.  Grant it, it is their home, and their right.   I am not judging them for what they should or shouldn’t do, I have learned there are reasons for these things.   But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t bother me.  But again, I don’t hate them.   Other things like skin color, faith or no faith, straight or gay, that stuff doesn’t bother me.  It does not impact me.   How does the color of one’s skin or the choice of a lover for someone else have any impact on me?

People’s behaviors, on the other hand, do upset me and affect me.  Behaviors do give me reason to pause, and yes, judge.  Evil acts, bad acts, whatever negative act people impose on others come from the inside.  They come from choice.  I won’t judge you for how you are born.   What you are does not define who you are.   Me being straight says nothing about my character or humanity.  Or inhumanity.  I define that by my decisions and my actions.  I control those decisions.  I determine who I am.  As does everyone.

You don’t want to embrace others who are different than you?   Than don’t.

But don’t hate either.

We give each other enough reasons to judge and roll our eyes and cast aspersions.

If you don’t like the way someone looks.   Don’t look.

If you don’t like the way someone loves, chances are good you aren’t part of their lives or they a part of yours, so why does it matter?

If you don’t like the way someone prays, you aren’t praying with them anyway.

And world, it’s simple, it applies to all of us.   Don’t hate me because I’m not like you.   I don’t hate you.    But your hate?   It scares me.