Animal Cruelty-As In: They Hurt Me

A bird flew in my face.

I was on a bike ride.  With the husband.  He was riding his bike behind me.  We’re cruising along a bike trail when something hits me in the face, drops to my shoulder and falls off behind me.  I was a bit stunned.  Not hurt at all.   I thought it was a  very large leaf or something.

Husband said “did that bird hit you in the face”?

Yes.  Yes it did.

So that is now:

1 dog

1 deer

1 bird (despite the blog’s title this one did not hurt)

3 million moths and flutterbies

5 gazibillion bugs

1 snake (does running over a snake count?)

17 chipmunks who give me heart failure by darting out, stopping, and turning back.

Apparently animals are attracted to me.