The Goodness of Being With People

There are such good things in life.   And so easy to come by.

A day that is full of laughing and talking with people through out the day is a day lived well.

Holding babies and kissing their little rotund cheeks and smelling that baby smell.   It does not get better than that and I don’t care what the beer commercials say.

Sharing ideas and family stories with new neighbors.   Getting know one another one story at a time.   Face to face, with expressions and not emoticons.

Sitting with friends around a table covered with foods that end up fighting for room in your belly.  Drinking tea flavored withsome’s home grown herbs and cooled with mint in the ice ice cubes.  This makes for the best kind of dinners.

Not knowing how to fit in all of the goodness of people in to the shortness of a day.   It’s a bountiful life.

Thank you.