Scars Add Character

So we’ve worked real hard at making this house  our own.   Creating it’s own, unique, character.

Today I moved a little closer to that goal with an unintended but purpose serving action.

I wounded my house.

My first TKD inflicted house wound.

Initially I thought about offering $5 to the first person who found the scar in the house.   But I know who would win it (Maggie).   And it wouldn’t be fair to those of you loyal readers who don’t know me or where I live.   And as much as I love writing and telling stories about life in general, I don’t want to toss out my address to the world of the internet and have strangers come and scrutinize my house looking for the scar.

I will, however, tell you how it happened.

I was twirling a staff.   A long stick of wood.  That’s all you get, it’s all you need. Long stick, twirling , inside a very small house.   Things happen.

So now this house has the first of many a markings.    By comparison?  The other house, the one I love and cherish and have to let go….   It has marks on the ceilings (yes plural), floors (yes plural), and dents in a few things.   This house that I am starting to love and beginning to cherish and starting to hold on to, it has one.

We must start somewhere, mustn’t we?