Sittin’ On The Porch

I’m sitting on my front porch as I have numerous times in the past couple of weeks.  But yesterday and today are the longest I have been able to sit there.  For some reason when I sit here I am bombarded with mosquitoes.  Even though it is quite chilly, for mosquitoes anyway.   For a couple of weeks now the neighbor to my left has had her Halloween decorations out.  Which impresses me because she is in her eighties.   So while I sit here something keeps approaching from my left.   And every single time it moves towards me I have to look.  I have to.   It’s built in to the human code to look when something approaches.   But all it is is the black caped skeleton hanging in her tree.

It gets me every time.

Then I looked up to see a red bike with a biker approaching the house.  He had on a backpack.  For a split second I thought “how cute!”  before I realized it was husband.    This made me happy.

Until he rolled up the sidewalk and told me “I just wrecked”.

He wiped out in an alley while turning around.

My heart went “kerthunk” as I immediately wondered if his heart, which recently was discovered to have had an unacknowledged heart attack in the past, went “kerthunk”.    He is probably healthier than 90% of the people in the world that I know.   Yet I will forever be watching his face, his chest, listening to his breathing…. and praying.

Amazing how one minute of our lives leads in to another.  Totally unconnected.   Yet linear and dependent on every single moment.