Unplugged To Cook

I put down the computer.  Put the phone on a shelf.   And cooked a lasagna dinner.   For the kids, and their kids, and for my mom.   With my husband and the kids helping.   We spent the night celebrating the birth of my oldest child, my parent’s first grandchild, and the beginning of the next generation of our family’s branch.   We celebrated being together.   There were four generations of “us” here tonight.

My house is still in an incomplete stage.   But tonight it was full and completely fine.   We all sat on a big quilt on the floor because I don’t have tables or chairs enough for more than when it just husband and I here.  That’s right, I have 2 chairs in the entire house.   We ate off of paper plates and used plastic forks, because I don’t have enough of the “good stuff” here yet.   Though the house seemed to be full of enough good stuff.   We drank pop right from the cans.   You couldn’t walk further than two feet away from anyone without being right next to someone else.   But everyone you stepped next to, was someone you loved anyway.   So there was no need to get away.

We sang a song.  We shared a cake.  We made a mess.  We cleaned it up.  Babies cried.   Babies screeched.   The entire evening was full of the sounds of family.

This, was a good night, a very good night.