Pain and Gratitude

I want  to bike.  And run.   And do my TKD.   I want health and sturdiness of body.  I’m willing to work for it.  I don’t expect it to just happen.   For the most part I guess I have that.  But here I sit with a heating pad behind my back.   An appointment with a doctor tomorrow to read the xrays from today.

What happened?

Nothing.   Absolutely nothing.   It just started to hurt.

Before I can get myself worked in to a tizzy about some back pain I remind myself that it’s a blessing to feel pain.   A blessing to be able to go to a doctor to check it out.   It’s a blessing to have a job with sick time.   A great blessing to have insurance.   It’s a blessing to not be in pain alone, and others around to help if needed.   It’s a blessing to only have to put things on hold until things heal.  It’s a blessing to be able to stop myself from whining.

Sometimes it takes a little pain to keep the good in focus.