Treats, Nothing But Treats!

I haven’t lived in an area for almost thirty years that would allow me to hand out Halloween candy.

Tonight…..I do.

I am oddly excited about this.  I know I am relying heavily on my own past experiences of Halloween.  I think of the years growing up where we made our own costumes.   Often to the dismay of our mother/father.   Depending on what article of clothing of theirs we used without permission, and likely ended up destroying.   And depending on how many pillow cases were ruined being dragged through the muck and leaves to be filled with candy and other Halloweeny delights.

Yes, that is part of the wonderful memories.

But so are the parents who dressed up with their kids.   The family down the street who handed out Koogle Peanut Butter.   Or full sized candy bars.  Because the dad worked at Kraft, or Nestle or both.   The orange boxes to collect pennies for UNICEF.   Do they still do that?   The families who decorated for Halloween or sat outside waiting for us.   Or the houses you would walk wide arcs in the street to avoid getting too close because every kid on the block knew the house was haunted.    Or someone mean lived there.  The leaves filling the streets and yards.    The kids with the “coolest” costumes and the kids who threw something on at the last minute.   Or drew a beard with their mom’s mascara.   Or like me and my friend down the street did one year.   We went together and I was her made up to look like me (but I really was me) and she was her being me dressed up to look like her (but she really was she).    Wasn’t that genius?   Of course it was.

I am trying to prepare myself for the world of today though.

No.   No, I won’t do that.  I will get all anticipate-y waiting on the kids to come through the leaves.   Pillow cases, store bags, orange plastic pumpkins.    Kids who don’t care about a costume, they just want candy.   Come on, we all want the candy.   Some of us just put more effort in to making it look like it was about something else.

And I got the good candy.   Reeses.  Nestle.   Twix.   Good chocolate stuff.   I don’t want some kid getting disgruntled because they got crap candy from my house.  I have to devise a way to make sure they all SEE the good stuff before I give it to them.   I don’t want TP’d.   Or egged.    Or known as the crappy candy house.

Okay, gotta go get ready for the goblins!