Souping and Shooting: Commence!

Annually, for about 8 years now, my husband’s family gathers.

Sure, they gather more than this once a year.  But today they gather to “Soup and Shoot”.   In memory of their parents.

They invite friends, and of course, all family.  And they eat soup.  And they shoot.  I’m not sure if there is a reason souping and shooting were chosen.  Or if   it  just happens to be two things the family threw together to do together.

I don’t know about the shooting part, they may all be stellar sharp shooters.   But I can always count on the family being great cooks, bakers, and eaters.  The souping part is always phenominal.  And I always leave feeling buoyed by the family gathering, chattering , growing and loving.   Maybe a little gossiping.  And I always leave a little bummed because every time I gather to eat with them, I gain about five pounds.

This, is NOT an exaggeration.

The things I do for that family.