Walk This Way

Walked about our neighborhood today.  With the intent of getting a good work out walk in.  After blowing out something in my knee last week I want to get it/keep it healthy for my newest attempt at running.   So I need to not lose all I accomplished in my total of five runs before messing up my knee.

But a funny thing happened while I was out walking.

I realized the joy of walking in a neighborhood.   I passed people who said hello and asked casually of our well being and wished us good evenings.   People were working in their yards.   One young boy came running out of a house, with a young girl in her socks right after him.  Flash back!  With 7 siblings that happened often enough!

We got a great walk in.   Though I was tempted to pick it up to a jog I didn’t.   Instead we pointed out the different aspects of houses that we enjoyed seeing.  There is still so much we want to do to our house.   The walk tonight was like window shopping for house ideas.   And a nice way to get even more familiar with the neighborhood.

And it made a work out seem much more like an enjoyable evening stroll.   Even though I kept trying to suck in my stomach as I walked and tried to feel my leg muscles flexing.   I had to keep coming back to that because I saw a house painted red, landscaping with stone, landscaping with rock, patios, porches with tile.  Flowers and shrubs.  Suck it in.

It just all worked together.

2 thoughts on “Walk This Way

  1. ‘It just all worked together’ – ah, Colleen, you’ve always been so thoughtful, I see, thinking thinking. Truly, just like me.

    With this being 2010 & you’ve blown your knee out, I wonder was this pre you taking up biking? Funny, I thought you always biked, but perhaps not. Perhaps you started with walking.

    A lovely walk 🙂 And there’s nothing like a couple of kids running about socks or none, to have you feel alive 🙂


    • 🙂 Noeleen, thanks for visiting my yesterdays! 🙂

      I loved riding bikes as a child. And then not so much as I became adult and turned to adult things. Not realizing until my thirties how much a bike could do for me. I had to get in better physical shape when I was preparing to test for my first black belt and part of that was a 3 mile run. But due to a knee injury (the first one, not the one in this post) I could not run but I could ride a bike. Rather, I started very slowly and built up to some massive bike rides. 🙂

      And yes, kids bursting through doorways in socks chasing one another….makes you laugh. And then think….maybe that one better run faster because if socks catches him…he’s had for! 🙂


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