Natural Fun

Did anyone else know that deer bounce?   I had no idea.

We went for a walk tonight to try and rehab the knee some.   And not even a quarter of a mile in to our walk we enter a path that runs along a ridge above a creek.  I heard frolicking.   Yes frolicking.   It has a distinct sound and it drew my attention.

We stopped to gaze down in to the creek and there were two deer frolicking.  One was literally bouncing.   And when I say bounce, I mean Tigger activity.   Bounce bounce bouncing around the deer of his/her affections.  From where I was I could not tell which was which.  Or if there was a difference.  Then, one deer saw us.   The other deer did not and was splashing the water about.  I mean purposely splashing, yes, splashing.  Trying to get the other one to play.  The other one was too busy watching us.

But then attentions were distracted and the deer frolicked together.  Husband was trying to figure out his phone camera so he gave it to me.  I took some pictures.   Unfortunately the frolicking is not caught on tape.

For all of you who have never seen deer frolick, it was pretty neat.