Call Me….Contemplative

Sometimes I just like to think about the things I think about.   Call me contemplative.

Today I was wondering about my outlook on life.   I feel one way, yet often act contrary to how I feel.    So I have been reflecting on this said outlook.   And my outlook, though looking out, is actually something within me.  My thoughts.  Yes, my contemplations.

My mind never rests.   It goes about a jabillion miles an hour.   I have negative thoughts.  I spout negativity.  Sometimes.  But I also have an abundance of positive and urgently happy thoughts.

I have found that it is so easy to be negative.   There is such ease, agility and speed in spouting off a cuss word or a complaint about someone else and what they are doing.  Or not doing.  It’s so easy to be aggravated with the world and the state of affairs.  It’s nearly impossible to go a day without a “bitchy comment” or snap of frustration.

By comparison why is it so much more difficult to laugh at the absurd.  Or chuckle at the innocently fun nature of people.  Or say thank you to a compliment and accept the pure joy that should come with someone being gracious to you.  Why is it so hard to face the world with happy and joy in your heart, without the need to protect that part of you?

I don’t want to be the snappy, bitchy friend/coworker/daughter/wife/sister/cousin/etc.

I want to be the terminally happy and joyous and loving life person.

I feel it.   Sometimes it is difficult to face the world with that kind of positive and joy.   I know life isn’t always easy.  But it beats the alternative!!

So in this contemplative state I have been in I have determined that there is some truth in the old adage that if you come by something easily, it may not be that great.   Of course I paraphrased that.  Being happy and positive isn’t necessarily difficult.  But sharing it with others, for some reason, often times is, difficult that is.   (English major people please forgive this paragraph.  I am not an editor!  I am just an emotioner.)

In my contemplative state I will not necessarily have to work at being happier or more positive.  I will have to work hard at not being so easily negative.

Thank you for your blog reading time!

3 thoughts on “Call Me….Contemplative

  1. I never view you as negative, Colleen. I see you as being honest, letting your feelings be expressed in mainly positive ways. If we are human, then we not allow ourselves to spout off or get upset. I actually don’t trust people who are sunny every day! This is an oldie but goodie post. The link took me here. . . I like the idea of being contemplative! Much better than my brother’s opinion of me, jesting “Robin opens her mouth to switch feet!” 🙂

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