Super! Natural?

In Ireland we half expected to experience the supernatural.  Whether you believe in it or not, when you are there you are surrounded with old, with history, with legend.   Maybe other’s don’t but I open myself up to the experience, and hope, of the past visiting me.

But I don’t expect it here.  At home.

And yet….

That’s right, someone is visiting us in our new home.  Or, we are visiting them.

For a couple of weeks some bizarre things have happened.   Well, not too bizarre.    For example:  doors.   Husband keeps swearing he is locking the doors.   But they are not locked.   If it only happened once or twice or occasionally you wouldn’t think twice about it.  But it’s happening all of the time.   Okay, no big deal.  He’s just not paying attention to what he is doing.

A few other nondescript things have happened.  Boring things that don’t speak of uhm, ghosts, spirits, whatever .   Pounding within the house.   At the top of the walls.  From the attic space.   All attributed to house settling.  Though since the house is sixty years old, you’d think it was settled.  But again, nothing that I automatically thought “who’s in here?!?”

Until last night.  I sat in the room we call the snug.   One million bonus points to whomever knows the reason we call it the snug.   Back to the point:  I was sitting there.  In the dusky evening, just approaching full darkness husband was downstairs on his exercise bike.  Suddenly I heard very distinctly behind my head someone speaking.   It was not an actual word, it was a deep sounding “haaaayyyyyyy” like someone trying to get my attention.   It startled me, but only because I knew no one was there.

It didn’t scare me.  I snapped my head up  automatically.   Like you do when someone is trying to get your attention and you respond.   Like when a kid yells “mom” in a room full of moms and even if you know your kid isn’t around you snap your head up.   I knew no one was there.

I told husband about it.

And let it go.

Until tonight.   Husband goes to take a shower.  I’m in the bedroom watching tv.   I hear him talking.  In the bathroom.   Not singing, which would be odd as well.   I’ve never heard him sing in the shower as I am apt to do.   Was that TMI?  Anyway, he comes out of the bathroom after his shower and I ask him who he was talking to.  He of course swears he wasn’t talking to anyone. I of course knew no one was in there for him to be talking to.  Or this would be a completely different blog.    I know for a fact there is no phone in there.  His cell phone was on his night stand so there was no phone conversation going on in there.  Which I frown upon anyway.   FYI, please don’t ever talk to me on the phone when you’re in the bathroom.

Someone,    someone    is    here.

Some of you may think I have just not become re-accustomed to living in a neighborhood with people so incredibly  close by.  There is the possibility that noises are being heard from other’s living establishments.  Sure, you can take the fun out of it by trying to make up reasons for what I am hearing.   Go ahead, rationalize it.

I kind of like the idea that there might be something out there.   Something pleasant.  Fun.   Non-threatening.   Something that is having fun shocking me or trying to scare me (in that non-threatening way).   I mean, if it’s not real I can make up what I want it to be anyway.  But if it is real….  what, who, is it?

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