Back In The Saddle

November 8th in Ohio.

The day starts out with my bike in the house trying to throw me through a wall.

But my road bike redeems bicycles every where.    We go for a bike ride.  In Ohio.  On November 8th.  With out a jacket.  In sandals.

I got thrown from my bike.   This is an extremely rare occurance.  It only happens to a few and only the brave can handle it and get back in the saddle.   Not many people are even aware of the fact that a bicycle can throw you.  Most people associate that with horses.   I’m here to tell you (okay I told you yesterday) that it does happen.

It’s pretty frightening.

I got some good story telling out of it.  It has made me a bit more cautious.   I have to admit I got pretty lackadaisical about riding the bike that sits in a trainer.  I took it for granted that being in the house I was not exposed to attacking dogs, attacking deer, cars full of idiots who find humor in throwing things at other human beings, or get a real charge out of running bikers down, or cussing at them.  I didn’t have to worry about flats.  Or unexpected storms.

Now, now I know better.

I need caution.  I need to not take for granted that sitting in my house on a non moving forward or backward bike is safe.

To make sure I didn’t lose my edge we did go on  a full blown get on a bike, put on helmet and gloves and pedal the bike forward ride.  Last night.   And what a great day to ride.  Especially in Ohio.   It was not hot per se.   But it was hot enough for a  November day in Ohio to go on a treat of a bike ride.  But the real test of my staying on the edge abilities was this morning.   Get up.  Get my water bottle.  Head to the spare room.   And get back in the saddle of the bike that threw me yesterday.

I did it.

My husband offered to get me a helmet this morning.

I declined.

I ride.