Breaking And Entering Is Not An Achievement

Dear Would Be Breaker Inner,

I saw today that you tried to break in to my house.  I have to say, I don’t really appreciate that.

I don’t know what your story is so the only thing I have to judge you on is that you tried to break in to my house.  So right now the only thing I can judge you on is that you are a criminal.  That is your place in life.  It’s all I know you as.  That is your identity.

Let me tell you my story.

I wasn’t there when you tried to break in because I was likely at work.  Trying to make my own way.  My husband and I both work.  So our house is empty while we are working.   Why aren’t you working?  You apparently have time to go around trying to break in to other’s houses.  If you got a job, you wouldn’t have time for that.  And, not to mention but I will, you could probably afford to buy whatever it is you are trying to steal from my house.  I didn’t always have what I have now.   Let me explain:

I had children when I was young.  My first one when I was only 22.   My second one when I was 26.  I didn’t have a lot.  My husband and I decided to do without a lot so one of us could be with the children.  That was me.  And we did do without.  I remember my shoes wearing out, and instead of trying to find money to buy shoes, I wore his.  Because the kids shoes were more important.  I remember sewing up his work pants time and time again so we didn’t have to buy new work clothes.   The kids needed clothes.   And his glasses?  Oh the same pair would work well enough for another year, and that comment was repeated for about eight years too many.   We worked hard at working  (this is not redundant)  and keeping what we had in the best condition we could.  When the youngest was old enough I went back to school.  I worked low paying jobs.  I got better jobs.

Everyone I know did this.  Worked.  Earned.  Invested in  their lives and their children’s lives.

You may want to give that a try.   If you don’t have something you want, I’m sorry.  But what gives you the right to take it from me?  There was a time when I didn’t have it.   And if you had your way, I wouldn’t have it again.  Even though I worked for it, you think you have the right to just waltz through the door you kick in and take it from me.   I work.  You steal.  If I keep going by my ethics things will be okay.  I might not have “things” but I will have integrity and good character.  You may have “things” but you will still have no character worth speaking of, and obviously no integrity.

Sorry about the preachy sound of this.  You probably don’t get it.  You obviously think that breaking in to others homes is the best kind of investment you can make.   I don’t know if you are fifteen or fifty.   But whatever your reason for doing this?   It’s not a good one.   Whatever you manage to steal, or break, or trash of someone else’s, you know what that gets you?


At all.

Seems kind of pointless.   And stupid.  Don’t you think?

I wish you would be reading this some day.   Chances are, you won’t.  Unless you steal someone’s computer and look up my blog.

Maybe I’ll post this on my door for the next time you try.   Cause I have a feeling you’ll try again.

Next time, I hope I’m there.   Cause I won’t try to reason with you.  I still won’t appreciate it.  And I’ll make sure you understand that.