Home Alone

The little brown house is a little eerie tonight.

I was watching a show on my computer on hulu.com.   Which, by the way, is an awesome little site if you want to watch something that isn’t on TV any more, or right now.   But the show is over and I turned it off.   Now I’m sitting in the house alone while husband is at the doctor.  Yes, it is late for a doctor appointment.  But bless the doc’s heart who keeps the shop open until pretty late one night a week.  Nice perk to having this doc.

But, now I sit here.  I haven’t turned on any music.  I’m done working out.   The kids haven’t called me, or texted me.  Remember, I have moved in to the 2000’s and have texting now.   Alas, to no avail.  There are absolutely no noises being promoted by me in this house.

And.  It.  Is.   Eerie.

I’m not scared.

But I am aware of every noise.  At least no one is yelling “haaaaayyyyyyyyyy” at me.  At least while I am writing this no one has.  Nothing has.

Yet there are plenty of noises to grab my attention.  Things that I don’t know.  There are people I don’t know all around me, outside, tonight.   They’re going in and out of their houses.   They are driving past my house.   They are getting in and out of cars.  They are every where.  Out there.

Not knowing who is out there, makes it a little eerie in here.

Still not used to this.

At least it gave me a little something to blog about.   Haha, just scared myself a little when I wrote that.   But I’m not telling you why.

It would just be making fun of myself.   But it made me chuckle.