It’s The Moments That Get You

To the waitress at Red Lobster tonight.  Rachel.    Thank you.   Thank you for your kindness, promptness, good biscuit delivery, and tolerance of a group of friends who just wanted to hang out and have fun.   Be loud, laugh, act a little younger than what she surely thought people our age should act.

Well, maybe she never took that in to consideration because she sure seemed to enjoy having us there.

So did Chip the guy who showed us to our table.

Thanks to the friends who tolerated me going for a walk/run and coming to dinner without time to shower.  I don’t think I smelled but if I did they didn’t care.

Thanks to husband who did the dishes while I was out with the friends for dinner.

Thanks to a good life with little moments and appreciations that add up to make it exceptionally wonderful in it’s entirety.