Who Are You? Who? Who?

The alarm started it’s beep beep beep this morning and I quickly put an end to it.  Husband says “I hope I was dreaming, but a little while ago I felt”   and he poked his finger in to my back a couple of times.

Immediately I was intrigued.

There has been some activity in this house that is not of mine or husband’s doing.

I look at him, as best as I could in the dark.   He says “there was no way in hell I was going to look and see who it was”.

I started laughing.

It was not me because his back was away from me.   Besides, I was sleeping.

Now to be quite honest I really don’t know what I believe in when it comes to ghosts, or spirits or other worldly beings.    I really don’t know if I believe in them or not.

But first in Ireland, and now in this house….   There are too many funny things going on.  And when I say funny, I mean funny.  At least to us.   None of it has scared us.   It has made us sit up and pay attention, or like this morning, laugh.   I have no idea what it is.  Or who it is.  Or if it is anything.   All I’m saying, is it if it is something I respectfully request that  it remains joyful and pleasant.

And I hope it reads this blog to know that.


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