And They Walked Above His Head

The norm is that Husband gets home from work before me.   And today I stayed a little longer at work so he was home even longer than the regular old day.  When I arrived today I walked in the side door and yelled downstairs for Husband.

Husband says “you really are home this time”.

Oh my.   He heads up the stairs.  I block his passage because he is not going to hold me off on what he has to say.  I have an inkling of what is to come.   You have to understand his method of communication, he suggests he has something to say to me, then proceeds to process in his head for fifteen minutes before sharing his thoughts.   Not today.

Husband proceeds in story if not in step climbing.   It seems he was visited while I was at work.   While he was downstairs riding his trusty old exercise bike, someone came in the side door and walked the floor, right above his head.

So of course he headed up the stairs thinking I had left work earlier than I had planned.

He walked the path the steps above his head  had taken.

I was not here.

No one was.