America Love Thyself Fix Thyself

We live in the greatest country in the world.   For this I am thankful.

Yet we are doing the most inexcusable things imaginable.

America please stand up and pay attention.  The things we are doing to ourselves are only fixable by .. us.


Why are our parents killing children?   Why are children abusing their parents?  Why are men beating their wives?   Why are wives plotting against husbands?   Why do we hate a man who loves a man, or a woman who loves a woman?  Since when did love become something to hate?  Why do our children dress like adults?   Why do adults act like children?  Why are young people gathering in groups and calling themselves gangs and then gunning down other groups of young people in other groups called gangs?   Why are brilliant people sticking needles in their arms or snorting powder up their nose?  Why do we pay people to do nothing when they could be doing something for getting paid?  Why do we honor those who are famous?  Why don’t we provide for those who protect us?   Why is it okay for us to call ourselves by names that we would hit someone else for calling us?   Why do our teachers have to be parents, counselors and nurses?  What happened to ideals?   Where did we hide our ethics?   Why do we have to give our children things as teens that we had to work well in to our twenties and thirties to earn on our own?  Why do we have to have so much that we need to rent extra space to store stuff we don’t use?   Why is more better?   Why do we work so hard to provide for our families that we see less and less of?   Why does someone without insurance have to pay more for a medical test than someone who has insurance?  Why do we allow those who hate us come here?  Why does someone who hates us stay here?  Why is it so difficult to be different without being hateful?

Why do we continually complain about everything wrong in America, and continue to do the things we complain about?

There is simplicity in the solution.   Respect.  Honor.  Debate without hate.   Discuss and question.   Understand that not agreeing does make someone wrong.   Work hard.   Work harder.   Don’t wait on the other to change.   Make change first.

Be thankful.   This is, after all, America.   Pride and freedom need to work hand in hand with responsibility.