3-D and Deeds

I went to see the movie “Tangled” today.   Husband and I had hoped to take the amazing little Queen O’Malley but that fell through.   But the day still played out pretty darn well as far as good days go.

We were getting ready to leave out the back door when husband looks out the front door.  There, in the street, across the street, was the 93 year old World War II veteran working on changing a flat tire.  I was in the bathroom and he yells “hold on someone needs help”.   He headed out the door and there he went to work helping him change his tire.  I snapped a picture.   I think we should start a movement of snapping pictures of kind acts and sending them out the world.   It’s certainly got to be an improvement over a lot of pictures out there.

Anyway….good deed from a good husband for a good veteran.

We head to the movies.    We had pre-purchased the tickets so when we got there we had an extra one.    We had agreed to give it to someone and make someone a little happy.   But since I forgot my glasses in the car and went back to get them the husband stole all of that joy by giving it to someone while I was gone.

But he got me Raisinets so I mostly forgave him.

It is a 3-D movie.  I have previously tried to watch 3-D movies and it has been an epic fail.  I don’t know if it is my eyes or my brain.   But they do not work during 3-D movies.   I was determined to make it so.  When the screen said “Put On Your 3D Glasses”.   I did.   Oh a little bit of a fail.   All I saw were fuzzy letters and lines.   I kept moving the glasses over my regular glasses and finally got a glimpse of a big blue ball coming right for my head.   I laughed.  Husband said “you saw that didn’t you”.    Yes, yes I did.

Occasionally during the movie the lines reappeared.   But I just moved glasses around until the images popped back again.

But, and this is to quote my dear friend Molly, my day was made when during the movie I had draped my arm over the coats husband and I had piled in the seat to my right.   As my arm lie there I suddenly felt my hand being lifted because something, or someone, had grabbed my sweatshirt wrist and was lifting it.    I glanced to my right and the little girl sitting with her mom and grandma behind us was leaning over the seat and had taken my sweatshirt in her little bitty hand.

That little motion just touched me.

I didn’t jerk or move.  I just let my hand hang there.   I smiled so the mom who had no idea what was going on would see I wasn’t trying to grab her child.   And I didn’t want to scare the child.   I don’t know if little girl let go of me or if mom made her let go.

Good deeds and little kid moments.