Lovely Little Simple

The best of things seem to be based in simplicity.

Standing in a room full of little people hoping to learn something from you.    They are eager, big eyed and trying so hard.

Sitting in a small town restaurant with a couple of friends and the husband.   Then walking down the street to their house to sit with them and their pets to watch the Buckeyes kick some Wolverine hind end.

Going home and working on a new Christmas sign, that I personally find quite humorous.   Since most of you won’t see it, I’ll tell you about it.   The neighbors who are new to us but neighborhood royalty (and wonderful people) put a lot of effort in to their Christmas outcor (decor for the outside).   It looks fabulous.   They design it and build it themselves.   There is no way I could, or even want, to compete.   It is just so pretty.   So instead, we are making a very large arrow that says “LOOK @ THAT HOUSE”.     And we will be hanging it tomorrow.   I’ts pretty funny if you ask me!   And when I told them I was going to do it they got a kick out of it.

Then a couple of lovely little babies arrived to keep us company while their parents went shopping.   All we did was feed them.  Listen to them.   Love them.

It was that simple.   That perfect.   And that incredibly wonderful.