3.4 Miles

Is how far I got in to my bike ride to ride out the 2010 biking year.   Which to this point has been pretty disappointing.

The miles always represent good times on the trail.   I love the miles to add up for that reason.    When I show hundreds and hundreds of miles ridden, I have hundreds and hundreds of miles of sunny days, rainy days, flowers, fields, animals and exertion expended having a good time.

Though the miles may not have added up to the amount of fun I would have liked to have had this year, there were some memorable miles.   The miles I did get to put in, well, they have been well pedaled miles.  Miles up mountains in Ireland.   Miles around the island of my great great grandparents to see forts and graveyards.  Miles on a trail that passes right in front of our new home.

Today is  December 31 in Ohio.   It is over 60 degrees as I type this.   I returned home after riding only 7 miles.   But just to get a little soreness worked out.   Do a little yoga to keep the muscles from cramping and screaming at me.   I had expected the trail to be a little more free of snow and ice.   But it really wasn’t my call.   So when I thought I was riding through mush and it turned out to be a chunk of ice that took me down…. well, I can’t complain.   The ice and snow apparently need more than winds and 50+ degrees to make it go away.   I knew it was ride at my own risk today.   I didn’t even cuss as I fell freely to the ground.   Slowly it seemed.   I was fairly padded on my shoulders from the layers I was wearing.   The helmet cracked as it cushioned my head from the ground.   And my new water bottle busted.   But better these things than any parts of me.

But again, it’s December 31.   The temperature is screaming for me to be outside.   I wiped out on the bike.   But it’s because I GOT TO go on a bike ride.   No disappointment here.   For all the times this year I could not ride, I ride today!