This New House

When you live some place for a long time you know the sounds of the area.  When you haven’t lived some place for a long time every sound leads you to believe there is thievery under way and murderers lurking about your house.

Last night I woke up out of a fairly sound sleep.   To realize  I could not find that sound sleep again.   So I just laid still and listened.   Doors slamming.   Cars driving by.   Far off noises that could be voices.  Sirens.

At the other house if I heard a car door slam I knew who’s car it was or wasn’t.  I knew if they were at my house or not.  And if not, they were at the only close neighbor’s house or they were trespassing.  If I heard voices nearby I would likely hit the floor, crawl in the dark to the window and spy on whoever should not be out there.   I knew the house creaking sounds.  I knew the outside sounds.   When new neighbors arrived I quickly learned what time he left for work in the morning and what time she came home from work.   I knew when the kids were leaving for school and I knew the sounds of their dogs barking.

But now I live here. There are many many more houses about.   And I have no idea who lives in 99.99998% of them.   No idea.   Someone was slamming doors at 3 a.m.    Why?   Going to work?  Coming home from work?  Fighting?    The sirens are off and on all day because we are a stone’s throw and a half from a hospital.   Cars coming and going to I have no idea where.   I don’t know who has dogs or who doesn’t.  I know the neighbor loves her cats.  But that doesn’t create sounds.   Just paw prints on my vehicles and outside furniture.

It’s a little disturbing to not know your own environment.  Kind of exciting to learn about it.   But I will be happy when I recognize the 3 a.m. noises.    I suppose I have not lived here long enough, yet.