Your Total Is….

My funniest and happiest moment this week happened this morning at about 7:30.   My coworker, code name Huggy Bear, and I went to Tim Horton’s to ambush our boss.

Tim Horton’s is a very popular place to get coffee and bagels.  That’s a given.

The boss goes there every single day on her way to work for her regular cuppa Joe.  This morning Huggy Bear and I went to her regular TH’s and waited with the staff.   What wonderful and fun loving staff they are.

When boss ordered her coffee at the drive thru there stood Huggy Bear and I to hand her her coffee and tell her “your total is $2.76”.  She stuck her hand out with her Tim Horton’s card in it and total confusion reigned in her expression.


I wish we had thought to bring a camera.

Happy Birthday Boss.   That was just fun.