Bicycle Lust

I would love to have and be able to ride every kind of bicycle there is.  Including exercise bikes.

No, I don’t have every kind of bike as some of you may think.   I have a few bikes.  And when someone asks me how many I need my usual answer is one more. It’s not greed or gluttony.   It’s the shear joy and excitement of being on one and seeing where it can take me and what it can do for me under my power.

Since the inception of bicycles people have been using them to take them further than they have ever been.    They have been ridden across town and around the world (check this out).   Not to mention the miles people (me) have ridden without moving an inch (well, except the time my bike threw me ).

The rule of thumb in our husband/wife world is that he knows not to take me into a bike store without expecting me to want something.   I can not help it.  He knows it.   So when he willfully and demandingly drags me to a bike store, he knows the consequences.

Yesterday he made me go to a bike store.   Not any bike store.   But one of my favorite bike stores.  I have to preface the next part of this blog with the fact that I did not purchase one single item.   Not one.   Husband?  He purchased two.   But that’s beside the point.   I saw something I have to have.  I HAVE TO HAVE IT.

I will have it.

A ball bike.

Yes, a ball bike.

It’s unique.   It’s different.  And yes, I would use it.   Husband always says he doesn’t mind when I get a new bike because he knows I will use it.   And yes, I will use it.   When I get it!!!!!

And then?   Then I need a bike to match the one we just got him!!!!