Text Me Not This

Some days bring little surprises.   Happy moments that make you inhale a little and exhale with a gasp of happy.   Some days little surprises make you inhale a little and hold it…..wondering, worrying, fearing the change that one second could make in your life.

Yesterday I got a text from a friend.   A dear friend.  A young friend.  Someone with energy and dreams.   Skills and talents I look forward to watching explode.  She makes me laugh with her off  the chart humor and sometimes foul humor that whenever she expresses it makes me want to blow milk out of my nose.

The text wasn’t funny.   In part it said:  “I got hit last night in the driver’s door on 70”.    70 refers to an Interstate.   Immediately images of her in her little bitty car on an interstate getting T-boned went careening through my head.   She did text me, so that gave me hope.  But she was texting me from the trauma hospital.   That dissolved any comfort I would have gotten from the fact that she was the one texting me.

Conversation and texting instilled some level of calmness in me.   But visions of what happened once she told me, again, dissolved that.

And the what if turmoil played out in my head.   I pictured her mom, her boyfriend and her closest friends.   I kept thinking of her little blue vehicle, of her trying to get out, and of the strangers who helped her.   She was hurt.  She will be okay.

But it was one of life’s little reminders to pay attention to the people you care about, and sometimes take for granted.   These are the little surprises that create moments, moments you fear.  But part of our lives.  It wasn’t too long ago that this same friend said to me “thank you for not dying!”  and meaning it sincerely.   I just have to say to her….thank you for not dying.   And I mean it sincerely.