I Don’t Want To Just Read It

I just received  the book The Secret Gift.  I cannot tell you how much I am anticipating reading this.   I don’t want to pretend like I know the full story of it already, I haven’t even read it yet.   But what I know about it has me excited.  I love good stories.   I love biographies, autobiographies, and true reads about incredible events.   The best read is the kind full of goodness, kindness, unexpected stories of humanity that leave me full of hope and a desire to be that kind of person.

Which then led me to thinking…..  why do I need to read about the goodness of others to be inspired to do good, be good.   Why do I need an example?   If I love it so much and I know the value of it why am I not living that kind of life?  Why aren’t I living every moment trying to be that powerful of a force?   And by force I do not mean famous, or acknowledged.   By powerful I mean filling my life with little moments of doing good for others so that it makes little differences in someone’s day.   Little moments of charity, or selflessness, or just thoughtfulness towards others.

If the read of someone else’s kind act has that kind of salve effect on my psyche what kind of effect does the actual good deed hold?  Of course I have done a good deed and know that answer.  But I think of people who lived their lives living for others.   I know I’m not Jesus or Mother Teresa.  But I think the concept of trying to be more like them is more attainable than we, I, think.   Instead of waiting to see what someone else is going to do for me, maybe I should see how many times a day I can do something for someone else first.

I’m just processing a lot of thoughts here.  If they aren’t cohesive I apologize.

We aren’t born great.   We do great things.   We’re all capable of it.  Every single one of us.  The greatest things we do aren’t done for the status of doing it, they are done because it’s the way we should be living.  These great things need done more often and by more of us.

I know a lot of what I am contemplating in this blog echoes more eloquently written and spoken words that have come before this blog.  But they still ring true and need to be considered.

I want to stop considering them though, and start doing them more.

And just a shout out to a few people who make me want to be more generous and gracious with my life…. Huggy Bear.  Lady of Scotland.  Husband.   There are so many more.   But I just wanted to make a personal little acknowledgement that your humanity makes my humanity a little more inspired.