To Think As Kids We Were Warriors

Okay….so my body has been tested.   Pretty well I might add.   It’s had it’s ups and downs.   Now, the husband thinks yet another test is in order.

So he signs us up for Warrior Dash.

That’s right, and I believed he signed us up  just a few days after my knee scope.   To repair yet another (slightly) damaged body part.   Kudos to my surgeon.   He laughed, wished me well, and thought he might be seeing an upswing in his practice the week following this dash.

Do I think it’s crazy?  Yes.   Am I doing it?  Hell yes!

Hundreds upon thousands of people going out in the heat of the summer to get dirty and run.   For fun?  Again, hell yes!

Don’t you remember?  Come on….  remember!

Years ago, as a kid, when it was hot and you were driving your parents nuts and they told you to go outside and not come back in until you played so much you would beg to go to bed.    You would run in the sun.   Get dirty and not care.   Have fun doing stupid stuff.


Mud and dirt use to be something you played in, not swept up and cursed everytime it rained because it would mess up the floors.

Obstacles use to be the things you jumped over, crawled under or stood on top of and challenged someone to knock you off.   Not something you overcame to get through a day of work.

Running use to be for fun and excitement.   Chasing someone, or being the one trying not to get caught.   You didn’t run because you were late for a meeting or an appointment.

Eating with your hands use to be the best way to wolf something down so you could get back to your friends and your fun.   It wasn’t uncouth or dirty.   It was efficient and just what you had to do.

Yeah, I’m up for this test.   This test of finding the kid that use to be me.  And letting me be that kid.  At least for a day.

Bring it!!!!!

Oh, but I am giving my beer ticket to someone else.   That kid me?  She didn’t drink either.