If I Can’t Find Something I’m Good At…

It’s not for lack of trying.

So I have found something else to obsess about and try to become mediocre at doing.   Wood carving.    Sure, roll your eyes.

Yes I am passionate about biking.  Love it.  I’ll never be world class other than the for the love of it.

Yes I love the martial arts.  And lets face it, my love and respect of it was never enough to catapult me in to incredulous ability.   No matter how many years, days, hours I practice.

Yes I really do enjoy kayaking.   Love it!  Fun!  A work out and/or relaxing.   Like biking, but on water.   Uh, and for the arms instead of the legs.  So, biking for the arms, on water.  But still kind of like it!  There is just so much one can do with it.

You know I want to run!  Criminy do I!  But I couldn’t manage five runs without ending up under the surgeon’s laser, or drill, or whatever he used.

Writing is possibly my strongest passion.   But hey, all four of my readers…. I haven’t hit my main stream yet.  I appreciate your love and support and feedback.   I write because I love it.  If four of you get a chuckle once in while, that is four times more than the moment I wrote it.  Right?

But all of these things (not to mention a few others) do add up to one thing I am truly intense and sincere about….


The entirety of it.  I  want to try, do, conquer, have fun and discover everything I possibly can.   And why not?    If I can’t be great at one thing, can’t I have fun at everything I try?

There’s great passion in that.