No matter what I take upon myself to try or do I always have a support crew.  His name is Husband.  This team is comprised of two very different types.  One of us (me) has absolutely no idea what she is doing.  One of us (him) has absolutely no idea what I am doing but fully supports me trying it out.  Okay, maybe we aren’t so different.  But we are.  But that’s another blog.   I want to try stuff.   Him?  Not so much.   But he fully supports me trying new things.   That’s the difference of which I speak, in this blog.

The latest adventure of course is the “wood carving”.   I put that in quotes because I want you to picture me saying “wood carving” and using my fingers to quote what I say because what I say may in fact not quite be wood carving.   But it is similar to wood carving.   Hence, when I say “wood carving”  (finger quote motion) what I mean to say is “I would really like to be able to carve wood in to something that resembles a person, or animal, or design of my choosing”.   So right now though I aspire to be able to be a wood carver, I am in actuality only able to wish I was a “wood carver”.

But it is an endeavor.  I want to be good at it.  I see carvings that true masters bring to life and I want to be able to do that.   Chances are slim that I have that kind of skill.  But I have the desire.  I have the discipline.   But if it’s not something I will be able to master and at least be “good” at then at least I’ll know because I will have tried.   This  made me think of a little girl who was in my TKD class not so long ago.   She was adorable, and this has nothing to do with TKD.  It’s just an aside.  She came to class with energy, happiness and had fun.  She tried anything we did in class.  One day though, she came to me, crying.   I asked her what was wrong.  She said she wanted to try and play basketball.  I asked her why that made her cry.  She said her parents told her she had to be the one to tell me because if she played basketball, it would conflict with TKD.  She would not be able to do both.  And she really wanted to play basketball.

I told her if she wanted to try basketball then try basketball she should.  What if she is the next great Katie Smith and she never played basketball?  What if she has all of this skill and ability and she never knows it?  We talked for a while and I assured her that though I would miss her in class, she has to do what she needs to do.

I think I started trying these things a little late in life.  But not too late.  If I live to be 90 I have over forty years of trying things and working at getting good at things left in me.   And there is so much left to try.  Maybe if nothing else one thing I will be good at is trying new things.

Additionally I think Husband gets a kick out of humoring me.  Today alone we have gone to three stores trying to find a few items we need to continue this “wood carving” endeavor.   So the endeavor continues.  Albeit not with much skill yet.

When I am ready I will even post a picture or two of my endeavors.   You shall have a good laugh, or perhaps you will think….oh, that looks cool.  Maybe you’ll try it.   And isn’t that part of living a good life?  Trying different things to find what it is you’re good at, or, maybe, not so good?  But there’s fun in the endeavor.