Update On House Residents

So I was writing a blog about something else.  I’m sitting on my bed.  Husband is watching TV.   I just wanted to finish the blog and doze off to the sound of the TV and the comfort of being close to the Husband.

The TV is hanging on the wall at the foot of the bed.   There’s a window to my right.   And the door to the hallway is to Husband’s left.

The house is quiet but for the TV.   Suddenly I hear a child laugh, to the left of the TV.   Down low, by the door.

Husband looks at me.  I look at him.

I ask what “that” was.  He said “what?”   I said “that noise?”

Husband says “something outside” which is to my right.   I said no, it was from over there and point to his left.   He said he didn’t hear anything.   Then why did he look at me?   And why did he say it came from outside?

There was a child laugh, not from the TV.   Not from outside.

It was a cheerful sound.

I mean, if you’re going to hear unexplained noises in your house, what better than a child’s laugh?