The Year is Running Out

I don’t have any brilliant revelations regarding the past year, nor any brilliant musings  for the upcoming year.   That would be a little presumptuous of me to think I was brilliant any way.   Which I am not.   So how could I have any brilliant revelations or aspirations any way?   That is rhetorical.   I could have a brilliant revelation or aspiration just by shear luck.   Yes, that could happen.

Let’s just leave it at that, shall we?

But I do have a thought or two about the year’s ending and a new one beginning.   A few years back husband and I rang out one year by riding out in to the wet and darkness of a bike trail  as the clock ticked towards midnight.   At midnight we stopped.    Happy New Yeared the world and rode back to start the new year.   I think it was the best New Year’s activity ever.   This year he suggested running out the old year and running in the new year.   Of course I love the idea.

Nothing too philosophical about it.   I just want to be doing something to end a year, and doing something to start it.  Something physical.   Something active.  Something that says life is worth this!   Life is moving!  Living is being an active participant.   And I want to be an active participant.

I hope this year will be full of active fun.   Active work.  Active living.   So why not start it out by running it in?

I think I shall.   And maybe that is pretty brilliant after all.