Practice Hope

I would like to think that one of my strong suites in life is my never ending well of hope.   It just goes on and on.  It may set me up for some disappointments, but, because of the never ending well….  I keep thinking it will just get better.  Eventually.

Years ago a doctor told me I was allergic to chocolate.  Along with everything related to nature, and the mighty dust mite.   Okay okay, dust mite poop to be exact.   Which is gross.   But it is what it is.

Yet I don’t let it get me down.  The dust mite poop doesn’t get me down just wants to make me gag when they show the beastly little critter magnified to look like a T-Rex.  What I refuse to give up on is that the doctor is wrong and I am not allergic to chocolate.    Doctors along with every other human on this earth are bound to make mistakes.   I think he may have made one.   Which is why I keep eating it.  I am pretty sure the narrowing of my throat and the hacking that is produced is solely a fulfilling of his prophecy.   I don’t think I am allergic, I think he put one of those placebo thoughts in my head.  If I think I am allergic, I will react as if I am.

Silly man, he has no idea the endless depth of my hope.  That he is wrong.  I will keep trying to prove it.

Hoping I am not allergic to chocolate is not a waste of my hope.   Interestingly, I feel the more I use hope, keep it in practice, live life helping hope along-the more hope I seem to have.  And that comes in handy with all of life’s challenges.   And fears.   And disappointments.   Keep hope alive and use it daily.   Help it to grow.  Without it all we have is what we have, not what we could have, might have, will have.

I’ll practice on chocolate to keep it alive for the things that matter.