Plans Are Maps You Can Make Detours On

So the plan was to run in the new year.   That plan just did not come to fruition.  After yesterday’s bike wipe out I thought I was doing pretty good.   And I was.  But the closer it got to midnight the more bruises came out and the more the neck muscles balked at holding my head up sans pain.   So I took my vitamins and an allergy pill.   And I sat down.

I shouldn’t have sat down.

Or taken the allergy med.   At least not until after our planned run.

Once I sat and had the medicine in me I had no gumption to get up and run.


So instead I slept through the midnight hour.

But thats okay.

We got up and ran this morning.  In the rain.  Which was very nice.   It was warm enough to run in the rain in Ohio on January 1st.   So I’m happy with that.

But now I can barely move.   But I ran in the new year.   Just a little later than planned.   I better see if I can do some yoga to make screaming muscles a little less angry with me.

Happy New Year!

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