First Monday

Two weeks of anticipation, holiday and extra time off is officially behind us now.  Back to work.   Back to schedules and routines.    Not such bad things.   Though there is the lingering hope in the air for snow days and extra ‘holiday’ time.   I think more to extend that holiday feeling than to actually not have to work.   Though I am sure there are those who just don’t want to work!

There’s a newness in many ways for a lot of people.   The last winter break of high school has just ended for the seniors in high school.   Today is the first day back to school for many of my college attending friends.   Today is the first time some of my college friends don’t have to return to school.   Twenty somethings who will start their school-less days.   Some of my friends are starting out the year with the very newest of babies!   Always a great way to start the year!!

Some of us are starting out the year grateful to be starting out the year!   No major changes and grateful for that.

Happy Monday everyone.    🙂

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