Blog Risk

There’s a risk we take when we blog.   I find it interesting, not a bother.  And it really just came to light this morning.   On this blogging forum they have a spam protector.  It “blocks” spam but gives the blogger the opportunity to read the spam and permit it or reject it.   I read one this morning and as I am apt to do, I rejected it.    Honestly I didn’t even really pay attention to it.  It was from an unknown site about hair.   Any “sites” that leave a comment usually go to spam and are usually computer generated comments that attach themselves to your blog because of something you’ve “tagged”.  Someone will type a very generic comment like “interesting blog I wish I’d thought of that” and then their site attaches it to any blog their computer scans and picks up.  No one is really reading the blog.

As I moved forward with my morning the comment this morning actually started playing in my head.   It was attached to my blog from yesterday.   It made a comment about “whining”.   I wondered if the comment had actually been posted by someone who read the blog and thought I was whining, and they had gone to my blog to “learn something” as the spam comment stated.   It occurred to me that there was a small, and I mean minuscule, chance that someone from that hair site had read my blog.  The blog title did have the word “learn” in it, and their blog scanner could have just been scanning that.   But still….someone could have read it.

And misinterpreted it.

Because they don’t know me.

Hence:   blog risk.

When I wrote the blog I was writing it “tongue in cheek” because I sometimes fancy myself as being an artist, or a singer, or an athlete, or an uneducated archeologist.   Etc….   My point being that I have these desires and aspirations and dreams.

But I also have a healthy sense of realism.

The realism doesn’t stop the dreaming.   I attempt many of these things daily!  So technically I am a “singer” because I sing.   And though I am not good with the skill, I am good with the emotion of it.   I enjoy the connections in songs, to my life and my feelings.    Thankfully I get joy  singing  along with someone else, or singing to an unknowing any better child.   But I am honest enough with myself to know I can not sing well. But do you think that is going to stop me from singing?   Of course not.    I do the things that I am interested in because of the joy it gives me.   Not because I am good, or not.

I am humored at myself by the things that interest me.  I am humored at myself for the things I try that might not seem natural.   I have fun trying, and doing,  discovering.   I may have some unknown talent or skill that is just waiting for me to discover it.    And that’s where the fun of life lies for me.

The risk when I blog is that someone may misinterpret what I write.   Or even for that matter, totally get what I mean, and be offended.   But writing is one of those things I enjoy.   Skill or no skill.  I love it.  Even with the risk.