Healing Body Scaring Mail Man

Sometimes I just feel sorry for people.

Somethings they don’t ask for.

Like the mailman who came two hours early to his route today.   Well, I assume it’s 2 hours early because normally he isn’t here until after we get home from work.  But being home sick today, for the 3rd day in a row, I was home and he was here before I would have gotten off of work.

So yeah, he was early.

Having laid/lain in bed or in the recliner for two days I kept telling myself to MOVE.  Get up and do something.  Mind you, I don’t want to do anything.   Let me rephrase.  I want, badly, to have energy and desire to do something.   In my head I am screaming at my body to M-O-V-E.   But my body, slug that it is, has no desire to do anything   but bemoan it’s current status.

But I have more say over what my body will do than my body does.  So I forced out 2 half hour sessions of pitifully slow but sweat drenching bike rides.  Then I thought what else could I do to assist my ailing body in healing.  Yoga, of course.  It’s a good healthy form of exercise and aligning all the good in your body to combat all of the bad.

So I put out the cheap little yoga mat on the living room floor.   The only place big enough to really do this.   At least I’m no longer in front of the big window.   Just the little window in the door that you would have to be standing right in front of to see in.

Like if you were the mail man delivering the mail and you stand in front of the door as you lift the mail box lid with your left hand and drop the mail in.   Face perfectly aligned with the window so that while I’m doing downward dog with my butt towards the front door I can see past my legs to the mail man at the door.

I’m sure he has seen worse.   But today he certainly didn’t see better.   🙂