What Am I Working Out For?

I work out too much.

I think.

There are so many things that I could be doing to help others.   But I have to work out.   Is that selfish?   I work out to stay healthy.   To fight an ever present and never ending battle with fat.   Or rather, not wanting to be fat.   I worry about that.   I have always figured I need to be very proactive to stay healthy.  I believe my body was built for doing very little.   I’ve nearly convinced myself of this.  Why else does it keep breaking when I use it to do things?    So working out has been my  way of trying to live longer, healthier, easier even.

But how am I living?

What’s my life all about?

Get up, ride my bike.   Go to work.  Come home.   Ride my bike.  Treadmill?   Yoga?   Run?   Lift a little weights (and I mean little).   Practice a little martial arts.


And what?

I want to do more but I seem to be doing less.   And anything I am doing seems to be about me.

I know I need to work out.  I do.   I have to work to stay healthy.  But theres more to health than cardio.   There’s socialization.    There’s community service.   Worship.   Education, both learning and teaching.  Sharing valuable life time with others.  Reaching out.

I’ve contemplated this.   I’ve worried this.

Now I need to do something.

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