If It Was Me

Some things have been going on the last few days in my little part of the world.  Things that I have no control over but am affected by because of who and how I love.

There came a point today when I reached out to someone.  Someone who I thought might be hurting.  Someone who has hurt others, and by my guess, it’s because he isn’t sure how to show someone he loves.

All I did was reach out to say “I’m sorry”.   I’m sorry for his pain.  I’m sorry for his sorrow right now.

Because no matter what I do in life, no matter the wrongs I commit, or the differences others have with me, no matter any sufferings I cause others….

I hope if I ever am in a place of pain, I hope, I hope, I hope that  someone cares enough about me to reach out and say “I’m sorry for your sorrows”.

Because I would want someone to care that I hurt.