IF I Ran The World

Sure we all like to think if we had a chance to run the world we would do things “better”.   Differently.  Smarter.

I’m here to tell you…. hell yes!

“If I ran the world”  should be a thesis we all have to write.  Since none of you wrote it, let me.

So, if I ran the world the first order of business would be common sense.  Not politics.  I’d be so quick to abolish politics many people would be stuttering in the streets wondering what happened.   They’d be searching for the craziness and not sure how to handle all of the peace and quiet.

Next, I would make sure that everyone understood very clearly that they are all capable of something.   Sure we all have different levels of abilities.  Different skills and wide ranges of interests.   We will all be expected to use them.   To take care of ourselves, and yes, help out one another.    But as most of you know, you feel best about yourselves when you are productive and producing.   So we shall produce what we can, each and every one of us.

Self expectations and reliance; common sense.

If you are capable of working, work you shall.   And you will grow up in a world where work is honored and respected.  So you will look forward to it and be glad to be providing for yourself and your family.   If you can not work, and I don’t mean you don’t want to work, I mean you can not work, your community will help you.   But really, there will be few of us who can’t provide something to our world.  Contributions, big and small, are needed.  And appreciated.

Value work, what a great idea.

I think there would be some very basic rules.   We’ll stick to the Ten Commandments.   They seem to be a very good and sound rule of thumb to go by.

There are some things that will simply not be tolerated.   Murder, rape, molesting children?   There’s no room for argument here.   There’s no legal dickering going to plea down anything.   If you are guilty your ass goes to jail.  Period.   You’ll still be treated better there than you treated your victim, so shut up.

Justice will no longer mean if you can get out of it you will.   Justice will mean if you did it, you will be responsible for it.

I know it won’t happen over night.   But we will start to take better care of our world.   I know there are many of us out there trying but some things are going to have to change.   If it can be recycled, then recycle it!  Cars that run on less fuel aren’t going to cost ten times as much.   Bikes (bet you didn’t see that coming) will be encouraged for many reasons.   Walking and biking to work and to the store will soon be the norm.   We will all start to see the value of saving what we have and keeping our air, our water, our lives cleaner.   We got generations coming up behind us that are going to sooooo love us for this.

Our communities are going to start returning to local and close.   We’re going to start watching out for one another.   We’re going to stop making excuses for our poor behaviors and hold ourselves responsible for our actions.   I won’t have to call you out because you’re going to stand up and be responsible for what you do.  And I, I will do the same for you.   We will guard and protect our children.   They will be able to walk to school without us fearing what lurks around the corner.  Because we will be at the corners, in the stores, in the parking lots, on the playgrounds with our children.  If you can’t watch yours I’ll keep an eye on them.   We will value our children and the sanctity of their childhood.

We will pick up after ourselves.   We will not leave trash around our homes, our schools, our streets.

We will address one another with kindness and respect.  In times of need we will reach out to offer assistance, and comfort.

We will make music together, singing and dancing and sharing the joys and laughter of life.

If something bad happened we would not publish and give out manuals to every living soul on the planet  on how they too can do this bad thing.

The news would be news worthy.   It would be reported and it would be important.   It would be full of the positive things the people of the world are doing.

If I ran the world the motto would be “common sense”.   If it’s wrong, don’t do it.   If you did it, own it, be responsible for it.   I don’t have everything figured out yet.   But, they won’t let me run the world yet.   So I have time to figure the rest of it out.