I don’t like people telling me what to do.   So I don’t do new year’s resolutions.  I’ll do- any time I need them -resolutions.  And I think I need it now.

And quite honestly I think I need to stop thinking so much.

For real.   Some of you might think just the opposite, or even wonder how I came to this conclusion.   Because I’ve been thinking about stuff non-stop.  That’s how!

I keep playing “what if” in my head.   What if I had done this?  Or that?   Or what if the forces I have no control of in my life had done things differently?  I play these scenarios out in my head all of the time.   I need to just let it go.  If something has already happened.   It’s happened.   Why pray tell am I reviewing what happened in a rear view mirror that even when I look back at it, I can’t change it.  Look forward.

I play things out in my head how “I” think they should go.  How “I” think people should act.    What “I” think people should do.   What the heck?   Who left me in charge of the world?   No one did, and if they did- things would be different (as previously noted to you all).   But even if I was in control of the world, I wouldn’t be in control of you.   Thats not anyone’s job but you.   And if God gave you free will, I certainly don’t want to go against the Big Guy and take that from you, or me.   I do wish we all used our free will a little better though.   But all I can do is control my own free will.   I’ll try to get on that and do my  free willing  a  little bit better.

I need to let go of things that happen that I can’t, and/or should not, have any control over/of.

My job here is to be the best at what I do.   Work hard.  Do the best job I can.   Give the people who are paying me,  a good day’s work.   I should try harder.  I do good, but I could do better.

Stop judging people.   Who, again, do I think I am?   Sure I get disappointed or upset sometimes.   Don’t we all?   Why not let it go?  I can have an opinion without thinking it should change the world, just because I think it.   I need to get over myself!

I don’t like me when I am not who I want to be.

All of these things that I am thinking about, when I’m being very honest with myself, bring me up short.   And I mean waaaaaaay short – of the kind of person I want to be.

So, I will get on this.  I think it’s time for me to be resolutionary.

Yes, I made up that word.  And I believe it is just perfect.   Because I need it.

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