Thanks My World

My last blog was a bit intense.  I was moved by the responses I received both here and in private contacts.  It stuns me every time I talk about the harsh realities of childhood sex abuse that there are so many people who can relate to it.   How sad is this world?  Too many people can relate.

And if someone can’t relate, the recognition that it is a horrific and often entrapping bubble that some people never escape-at least people are paying attention.

When I write I want to always strive for the positive.  The good in life.  But I am also very fundamentally realistic.   I know there are bad moments, sad and heart wrenching moments.   Side by side with my realism is a just as powerful and fundamental ability to hope.    And  my hope is that everyone who has those moments can conquer, over come, and thrive.    I am realistic enough to know that this is not the case.   For some the suffering never ends.   For some they can never open their eyes to the person they are, all they can see is the horror that happened to them and they assign the act against them as their sole basis of value  in life.   When in fact, it has no place in the equation.

I know we can not force hope on one another.   I’ll try!   But if you are hopeless because of something that has happened to you, if you can’t find the well of hope within yourself, please, please, please….draw on someone else’s hope.   There is always someone out there with a little to spare.

I appreciate the feedback everyone gave me.   I wrote what I wrote to be positive.  To express hope.  To express love.  To let people know that no victim carries the mantle of shame.  Well, you already know  why I wrote it.   I’m writing this to thank the world that “I” know and rely on….  the good people.  The positive people.   You people.

Thanks My World.

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