This Day

Today’s a big day.

Every day, is a big day, for someone, somewhere.

For me?  Waking up and knowing it’s a sunny day somewhere is a big day for me.  For some, it’s the first day of a new job.  Or the last day of a very long job and it’s time for retirement!  Celebrate!  For some it’s a birthday, or their very first day of life!  A first pay check.  A first kiss.   A first competition.  A first win!

Someone who needed to….lost a pound.

Someone who needed to….gained a pound.

First day of vacation!  That’s a big day!

First day back to work after vacation!   That is sometimes a big day because you need a break from your vacation.

Today’s big day just might be, could be, the start of something wonderful.  Something beautiful.  Something that will last a life time.  A big day of starts and commitments.  A day of    “I do”   and “I do” too.

It might just be a big day where someone marries their boo.

Today’s a big day.   A day to celebrate.  A day full of hope.  A day full of love.  A day full of happiness!

Everyone mark this very special big day!