Something Special Just For Us

Nutella Panino.

There MUST be a blog about this!   There are some things that need written about that don’t necessarily make sense to others.  Kind of like one of those fanciful paintings that some of us look at and ponder what we see.  I hope some of you read this and ponder what you read.

When you need to fancy things up in your life what better way than to take something normal like PB&J and add kids.   And a George Forman.   And cheese.  We didn’t have sandwiches.  We made Panini’s.   Phenomenal Panini’s.  You have a choice of PB&J or cheese Panini.   Then you add fancy kids eating them.

Then for dessert you can’t have a  Panini.   That would be redundant.

So you have a Nutella Panino.  Which may sound similar.  But it’s totally different.  And I don’t really have to explain that to anyone.

There are six people in this world.  SIX people who know the significance of a Nutella Panino.   And I just prefer to keep it that way.

Because it was a fancy night of awesomeness.  If only we could get the rest of the world to find such joy in something so simply fancy and special.