I Did Say Thank You…..I Mean… Hypothetically

I have a question.  I hope someone can help me.

Hypothetical situation(s):

If wife gets her self cereal she pours the cereal in and then the milk over the top.  She then eats it as is.  From top down to bottom of the bowl.  No stirring.  No breaking up of the perfect milk over cereal scene.   Think mountain with snow falling down over it.    Perfect.  As is.

But…if wife is sick and too weak to stand up and asks husband to get her a bowl of cereal husband (hypothetically) pours in cereal, pours milk over the top.   Perfect….   klink klink klink!!!    As he walks to already weakened wife while he violently beats up the cereal and milk.  Mixing it!

Traumatized wife says “thank you but please don’t beat up my cereal!”.     Hypothetically I bet her hypothetical OCD kicked in a little bit and nearly, hypothetically, caused a mini- panic attack.

I ask….was it wrong of wife to ask, pleasantly enough (and this is not hypothetical) that husband not violently beat the crap out of the cereal?

In this hypothetical situation points are already awarded to husband for doing a kind deed, and to wife for being extremely weak and in need of non-victimized cereal.  Hypothetically these points are conceded and accepted.

Thank you in advance for any feed back.