Road Trip!

You know what would be great?

To get in a large-ish vehicle with a few people you really like and take a road trip.   At this point in my life I would like to propose something to our governing bodies.   All adults should get a year off.  That’s right.  A year.  Supported by the government.   Why not?! I ask?  They support quite a few things I don’t agree with so the least they can do is listen to me and contemplate it, pass it, then do it.

And here’s what I’m thinking:

When we’re kids we don’t know anything so we don’t really value the time we have.

When we’re in high school we’re too busy thinking we know everything already so we don’t really pay attention to all of the possibilities around us.

When we’re in our twenties and thirties we are so busy working and building up our security and taking care of our kids that we really don’t get a chance to relax and see the world around us.   Even vacations are rushed and crazy and most of us went back to work to relax from the vacation.

In our forties and fifties, if we’re lucky, there’s a shift in the world around us.   Some things are becoming more obvious to us.  Like, uhm, we’re not going to live forever.  And there really is a large part of the world that knows nothing about us, and us-nothing about it.

Our kids are older.  They’re starting on their own harried paths to get to where we are.   But where are we?  We’re still working.   And working hard for the most part.  The people around me?  They’ve been working for years.   Even the young ones.   People work through high school, college, they work two jobs, or three if they need to.  And meanwhile?  The world about us is waiting to be ‘oooohed’ and ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahed’ over.

So, let’s take a road trip.   Get in a vehicle.   And go.   No plans.   No ‘have to’s’ or ‘gotta’s’ .  No schedule.    You drive.   When you see something incredible you stop and check it out.     Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh.

When you come across some one interesting in a local diner and they impart their humor, or their ideas and concepts, or their unique impression of the world, you share your’s with them.    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

This isn’t something everyone would want to do, I’ll grant you that.  Some are homebodies.   That’s okay.   But our country would be even greater if we all got a little bit more of a taste of who we all are.   If we took the time to see what others see, to listen to what others think, and to gather knowledge about all of us all over.

Additionally…..wouldn’t it just be great if we had the freedom to explore?  To relax?  To see things we at a time when we will appreciate them and maybe understand them a little better?   I know growing up the civil war did not really strike at my heart as something I had to know about.  I mean, it was history.  At the time I didn’t have a grasp, or an interest, in history.    But going there as an adult and reading the stories and seeing faces and imagining the scenes that happened at the very spot I stood….that meant something.   And I understood.  Mixing that with the lessons I did learn in school, and the lessons I learned along the way.   It made going there more important.


Roadtrip.  To see America.  To enjoy it.   You think it’s just a chance to get away.   But I think we should all do it.  We’d all be better off.  It would be a great thing.