I Was 10 Again

When the February weather warmed up to 50 degrees there was great hope for what the day could bring.

All in one day I was a Mamo and a child of   ten again.

After a morning of routine and house responsibilities were fulfilled we went to see the hearts of my Mamo world.   And they are the living, breathing pace of my heart.

But once returned home we warped in to another realm.  Another reality.   And that is….yes, you can go back.

All it takes is semi not cold weather.   Bikes without gears.   A little  cool air.   A little snow and ice on the borders of the trail.  Water puddles and streams across the road.   The bike is the time machine.   The water splashing up and soaking through to remind you it is cold and it is February is the fuel.  Sun and the need for sunglasses and the inability to stop smiling.

There was no need to avoid the cold water.   No need to stay clean.  No reason to avoid the feel of the cold water splashing up and shocking the system a little bit.   Stand in the pedals and float through the water.  Throw all biking techniques out the window because at ten I had none.   Stand up to pedal.   Sit and coast.

I Didn't Fall!

Catch a glimpse of myself at ten.

And that ten year old boy behind me.

It was great being ten again.

I think I’ll do it again soon.